Fox Reporter Retracts Claim That Fox Did Not Participate In Reported Libya/Human Shield Excursion (VIDEO)

Fox News now acknowledges they sent a representative on a trip to Muammar Qadaffi’s Tripoli compound — an excursion it claims was organized by the Libyan government to use journalists as human shields.

The full back story is here and here. On Monday, seasoned Fox national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that the Libyan government was using journalists from competitor organizations as human shields, while Fox declined to participate in a propaganda mission.That set off CNN’s man on the ground in Libya, Nic Robertson, who noted that Fox had sent an amateur photographer on the excursion, and attacked his Fox colleague in Libya, Steve Harrigan, for basically being asleep on the job and sending in stringers. But Harrigan didn’t file the human-shield report — Griffin did. And she fully stands by that scoop.

Video below, courtesy of Media Matters.