DSCC Ad Blasts Linda McMahon For Dead Wrestlers (VIDEO)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a new ad in the Connecticut Senate race, going after her for an issue that has sometimes dogged her during this race: The deaths of current and former World Wrestling Entertainment actors.

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“Linda McMahon brags about her business experience,” the announcer says. “The real story? Her company violated safety standards; was criticized for tolerating steroid and drug use; inserted death clauses in workers’ contracts, in order to avoid responsibility for their deaths.

“The record? Seventeen of her former workers under age 50 have died. Linda McMahon: A bad CEO – a worse Senator.”

A fun phrase, this “death clauses” stuff. It’s a lot like “death panels” — but not totally fictional.

The TPM Poll Average gives Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal a lead of 51.6%-43.3%.