DSCC Ad Attacks Raese On Jobs, Minimum Wage In WV-SEN Race (VIDEO)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has a new ad in the West Virginia Senate race, employing a populist touch to attack Republican nominee John Raese as an out-of-touch big businessman.

“Around here, jobs are more than where you work. They’re food on the table, and a better quality of life,” the announcer says. “John Raese doesn’t get that. How could he not pay worker’s comp? Eliminate the minimum wage? Or sign a pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations sending jobs overseas?

“John Raese’s job is CEO. So for him, maybe jobs are just another line on a spreadsheet. But around here, we know better.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Raese a lead of 48.4%-45.4% over Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin.