Dorgan Says Tax Cuts Vote Could Be As Late As December

Retiring Sen. Byron Dorgan seems today like he is in no hurry to pass tax cuts, telling on Fox News it could happen as late as December.

Dorgan (D-ND) said he wants the cuts extended for the first $250,000 in income for at least “a few years” and then reevaluate whether they should be made permanent. As we’ve reported, Senate Democrats appear poised to go home without taking a vote before the election.Dorgan said on Fox that there “is no question in my mind that these tax cuts are going to be extended.”

“The question is when–it’ll be before the end of the year–and the question is what is extended, is it all of it or just up to $250,000,” Dorgan said. “I mean, I think those questions need to be answered, and they certainly will be answered before the end of the year.”

Additional reporting by Jon Terbush