Trump Laments ‘Witch Hunt’ Of Carter Page While Watching ‘Fox And Friends’

Evan Vucci/AP

President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning published a short series of tweets about former campaign aide Carter Page following a report on “Fox and Friends” about claims from Page that the House Intelligence Committee had delayed a planned session with him.

Trump used the “Fox and Friends” report to blast the Russia probe and the attention paid to Page’s ties to Russia as a “witch hunt.”

His tweet followed a brief segment on “Fox and Friends” reporting that Page sent a letter to the House Intelligence Committee on Monday claiming that the committee had delayed its plans to interview him. One of the hosts of “Fox and Friends” also highlighted a Tuesday night report from Fox News’ Catherine Herridge that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee had pushed for Page’s testimony to be delayed, citing a “source familiar with the matter.”

However, it’s not clear that the committee ever scheduled an interview with Page.

Page claimed last week that he had tentatively scheduled a hearing with the committee on June 6. However, the committee would not confirm that Page was set to testify that day, and one Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) told Politico that he had not heard that the committee had confirmed a hearing date with Page.

Page is one of several Trump campaign aides who has come under scrutiny by federal investigators due to his links to Russian officials. Page left the campaign in September 2016 after a brief stint there. Since his ties to Russia have surfaced, Trump officials have tried to distance themselves from Page, making Trump’s mention of Page on Wednesday morning somewhat peculiar.