Despite Angle Campaign Denial, New Video Appears To Show Angle Did Shush Reporter

Remember that moment last week when a local Fox affiliate reporter in Las Vegas said that Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle shushed him when he tried to ask her a question as she was leaving an event? The Angle campaign strongly denied she had done so, saying instead that it was someone else in the crowd. (And of course, the camera angle from the Fox reporter, as he and he cameraman made their way through a crowd of reporters, made it impossible to truly prove otherwise.) But now some other footage appears to show that Angle clearly did shush the guy.

The video is part of a CNBC segment about the two candidates on the trail, and the whole segment was posted on YouTube by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s campaign. The key moment comes at the 1:43 mark. It does appear to be the same moment as on the original video — it is the same reporter’s voice, the same “shhh,” Angle is wearing the same clothes, etc. And it does seem to clearly contradict the Angle campaign’s denial.

The Angle campaign has not returned our requests for comment.

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 48.5%-47.4%.