Dems: GOP-Caused Shutdown Would Harm The Economy

Democratic leaders in the Senate teed off positive job growth figures Friday to warn the GOP that if they shut down the government, they risk undermining a fragile economic recovery.

On a conference call with reporters, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) joked about the “tens” of tea party activists who came to DC Thursday to demand steeper budget cuts. Unfortunately, he said, the GOP is listening to them, and not to the majority of the country.

Reid also vowed that none of the GOP’s policy riders restricting EPA authority would survive the budget fight.Though Republicans are hesitant to admit it publicly, the two parties have reached an agreement on a ballpark spending cut figure. The final deal will likely cut over $30 billion in current spending, from both discretionary and mandatory programs.

If they don’t finalize that deal before the end of next week, the government will shut down.

“The only way we would have a short-term CR is if it was necessary to finalize the paperwork,” Reid said.

And that would create macroeconomic shock, and eat into job creation.

“Too many Americans are still looking for work, but the economic picture is slowly improving,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a statement before the call. “This sign of jobs growth shows the President’s economic plan is starting to work. We should stick with it, and quickly reach a budget deal to avert a government shutdown that would risk these fragile gains.”