Dem Talking Points Whack GOP For Health Care Obstruction

Democratic leadership blasts out new talking points on the Senate Republicans’ attempt to derail health care reform.


· Senate Democrats are working hand-in-hand with the White House toward passing reform that will make health insurance more affordable and health insurance companies more accountable.

· With each passing day, momentum for health reform grows.

o Yesterday, Former President Clinton penned a letter supporting passage of health reform legislation.

o Also yesterday, respected advocacy groups like US PIRG and Families USA endorsed our bill.

o Earlier this week, AARP expressed support for passage of our bill.

· Like Senate Democrats, these outside voices understand what’s at stake and they know the cost of inaction is too great for America’s families and businesses.

o Those with insurance see premiums eat up a larger slice of their paychecks, leaving them with less money to take home to their families.

o Those without insurance experience the pain of skipping medicine, treatments and doctor’s visits because it simply costs too much to go to the doctor.

o American families pay a “hidden tax” of $1,100 on their health insurance premiums because of the unpaid costs of care for the uninsured.

· The American people have waited too long for affordable accessible health care and Democrats are not going to let them down.

Senate Republicans Threatened to Deny Our Troops Important Funding to Stall Health Reform

· Senate Republicans have made the calculation that it’s acceptable to deny our troops critical funding so they can continue their crusade against health reform.

o Republicans are so intent on thwarting even a debate on health reform that they would put essential funding for our troops on the line.

· At a time of war, it’s inconceivable that Senate Republicans would stoop to this level.

o Regardless of their position on health reform, their actions to block the DoD bill have been inappropriate and irresponsible.

· Despite Republicans’ political maneuvering, Senate Democrats remain undeterred and we will not allow important Senate business to be derailed.

· This legislation:

o Funds more than $100 billion for operations, maintenance and personnel for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than $23 billion for their equipment

o Provides more than $150 billion to train our troops and prepare them for battle

o Funds almost $30 billion for the health care of our service members and their families

o Gives our troops a well-deserved pay raise