Dem Aide: Schumer Dealmaking On Public Option “Inappropriate”


The plot thickens!

A Senate Democratic aide tells me that folks aren’t too happy with the news that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is negotiating a public option “trigger compromise with members of the caucus.

“He went on his own to talk to Landrieu about the trigger option,” the aide says. “That’s rather unseemly, especially for Schumer to have reached out to Landrieu before we had the vote. It’s very inappropriate.”

Obviously there are plenty of reasons for plenty of people to say they’re upset about this. But the fact that Schumer began these discussions before today’s vote does seem notable, given that Harry Reid was supposed to be negotiating for the votes.

Landrieu and her fellow conservative Democrats have been very adamant today that the public option as it is will earn this health care bill a filibuster. Schumer is apparently involved in discussions with them, and other members, to reach a compromise.