Crist On Rubio’s Cheney Endorsement: ‘Do I Look Upset?’ (VIDEO)

Gov. Charlie Crist (R…for now) says he’s unfazed by yesterday’s endorsement of Marco Rubio by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“Do I look upset?” he told the Palm Beach Post, which caught up with Crist yesterday. “It’s just another Washington politician telling Florida what to do. I don’t think Floridians appreciate it. It doesn’t matter.”

The response was just another crazy turn in the Florida Senate election, which has been non-stop entertainment since it began. Check out video of Crist’s response from the Palm Beach Post — chock full of ironic goodness — after the jump.Crist, the man who enjoyed the full support of the NRSC before Rubio began to crush him in primary polls, is now taking a page right out of Rubio’s book (pre-front runner Rubio that is) and is running as the outsider squaring off against the national establishment. In fact, Crist casting himself as such an establishment outsider these days he might just quit the Republican party all together before the month is out.

Rubio, meanwhile, is criss-crossing the Sunshine State with a host of mainstream Republican leaders like Cheney. His days as an insurgent outsider are long gone.

Check out Crist’s take on the Cheney endorsement as caputured the Palm Beach Post‘s cameras: