Crist, Meek Roll Out New Ads In FL-SEN Race (VIDEO)

The two non-Republican candidates in the Florida Senate race have some new ads in this wild and wacky election, with some amusing new spots from independent Gov. Charlie Crist and Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek.

In the Crist ad, the ex-Republican walks alongside some large physical letters, a bit less than waist-high, that spell out “DEMOCRATS” in blue and “REPUBLICANS” in red. Crist talks about how as an independent he will be able to focus on common goals and take the best ideas of both sides — as he rearranges the letters into alternating blue and red, to spell out “AMERICANS.”

“Because at the end of the day, there’s only one party I work for,” says Crist.

In Meek’s new ad, the Dem nominee seeks to break through the Crist vs. Republican Marco Rubio narrative that has defined the race, by differentiating himself as the only true progressive in the race. And along the way, Meek goes around by boat, bus and foot to illustrate his stances in some fun settings.

“I’m Kendrick Meek, the Democrat for Senate. And with three of us running, you should know what makes me different,” says Meek, with the ad cutting to the various settings. “I’m the only one who’s fought against developers draining the Everglades. The only one against offshore oil drilling before AND after the BP spill. The only one against privatizing Social Security. The only one who’s pro-choice. Who took on George Bush. Who’s fought for middle class tax cuts. Against higher credit card fees. And to raise the minimum wage.”

The TPM Poll Average currently puts Rubio in first place with 35.1%, followed by Crist at 34.6%, and Meek with 17.8%.