CREDO To Send Coat Hangers To Pro-Choice Dems Who Voted For Abortion Restriction Amendment

This isn’t for the squeamish. It’s about as hardball and brutal as it gets.

The liberal group CREDO Action will soon ask over 1,000,000 members to sign a petition condemning the Stupak amendment…and with each signature, CREDO will send a coat hanger to the 20 supposedly pro-choice members of Congress who voted for it.

“We know what happens when women are denied access to reproductive health care including abortion,” the petition reads. “And we can’t go back to an era of coat hangers and back alley abortions. Reconsider your vote on the Stupak Amendment. Tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the final health care bill that emerges from the conference committee can’t turn the clock back on women’s rights.”

The email hasn’t been sent yet, but you can read the language below the fold.

Subj. line: Send them coat hangers.

Headline: Did these Democrats forget what happens when women are
denied access to abortion?

We’re furious.

In a backroom deal brokered to get the votes necessary to pass the
House health care bill, one amendment was allowed an up-or-down vote
on the floor. The Stupak amendment — which passed on a vote of 240 to
194 — is the most serious assault on abortion rights in a generation.

What’s more, according to, 20 of the 64 Democrats
who joined Republicans to pass the measure are nominally pro-choice.

Sign the petition, send a coat hanger.

Why did pro-choice Democrats vote to approve the Stupak Amendment?
We’re telling these 20 Democrats — all men — to reconsider their
vote and urge Congressional leadership to do everything they can to
ensure the health care bill that comes out of committee does not take
us back to an era of coat hangers and back alley abortions.

Sign our petition and we’ll send a coat hanger to the 20 formerly
pro-choice Democrats who voted to take away women’s rights.
If the Stupak amendment is allowed to stand, it would ban private
insurers who participate in the insurance exchange created by the
health care bill from covering abortion as a part of women’s
reproductive health care. Tens of millions of women would be affected.

These 20 formerly pro-choice Democrats need to hear that it is NOT ok
to throw women under the bus when it comes to passing health care.

Back in 1992, Working Assets helped its members send coat hangers to
Congress. Now, 17 years later, it’s time to do it again.

Please sign the petition, send a coat hanger, and tell your friends
about CREDO’s campaign.


Laura Scher, CEO of CREDO Mobile
Michael Kieschnick, President of CREDO Mobile
Becky Bond, Political Director of CREDO Action