CPAC Shocker? 2% Of Conservatives Approve Of Obama, Straw Poll Finds


Ron Paul’s victory in the CPAC straw poll might just be the second most surprising result from the poll, which was released tonight before Glenn Beck gives the final speech of the 2010 conference. After getting bad-mouthed (at best) by speakers at the podium and attendees throughout the conference, it turns out President Obama still has a few fans at CPAC.

Two percent of the more than 2,000 attendees who participated in the straw poll said they approve of the job Obama is doing. Ninety-eight percent said they disapprove of the job president is doing. The 98% is not a shocking result for a White House that’s seen the right grow in strength and power on the back of Obama’s policies since Inauguration Day last year. But in today’s conservative political environment, it’s hard to see how a 2% approval rating for Obama could be viewed as anything but an upset.Other Democrats didn’t fare to well with the CPAC crowd either, the poll found. Ninety-four percent of those polled had an unfavorable view of the House Speaker. Only 88% had an unfavorable rating view of Harry Reid, a relatively stellar result for the Senate Majority Leader.