Cornyn: George W. Bush Stock Rising (VIDEO)

Democrats were already pretty pleased with the fact that NRCC chairman Pete Sessions pushed for a return to Bush era policies over the weekend. Now they have more ammunition. On C-SPAN’s Newsmakers yet, NRSC chairman John Cornyn went a step further.

“Look, I think President Bush’s stock has gone up a lot since he left office,” Cornyn said. “People appreciate his resolve and commitment in the face of a national security threat like 9/11. He had his challenges no doubt. We have learned a lot about things we could have done better as Republicans in terms of fiscal responsibility…I think a lot of people are looking back with a little more — with more fondness on President Bush’s administration, and I think history will treat him well.”

Looks like both Democrats and Republicans want the 2010 elections to be a referendum on the bush administration. Video below the fold.

(H/T Think Progress)