Corker: ‘I’m Not Confident’ We’ll Reach Bipartisan Deal (VIDEO)

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who’s worked with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) on financial reform, said last night that he’s “not confident” Sens. Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby will come to an acceptable bipartisan deal on financial reform.

“I’ve been hearing some of the policy drift over the last day or two,” he said last night on CNN. “I hope it happens and i hope it happens before we actually have the motion to proceed next Monday night … At the end of the day, bipartisan means something that both sides, large numbers, both sides of the aisle agree to, and right now I’m a little concerned about the policy drift that’s taken place.”

Dodd and Shelby, the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, are working on a bipartisan agreement on financial regulatory reform legislation. The bill will officially be brought to the floor Monday night, if the Senate approves a cloture vote to begin debate.

Earlier this week, Corker predicted that not only would the two come to a deal, but that they would get 100 votes to begin debate.