Conservative Group Attacks Halter — In Hindi

The business-backed conservative group Americans For Job Security has a new mailer in the Arkansas Senate Democratic primary, attacking Lt. Gov. Bill Halter for allegedly helping to send jobs to India — and they include Hindi writing, just to make their point.

The mailer shows a photo of a crowd of Indian women and children wearing traditional Indian garb. The caption is in Hindi, with an English translation below: “(Thank you Bill Halter for sending U.S. jobs to Bangalore, India)”.

AJS, a conservative group, has been running third-party ads attacking Halter in his primary challenge against Democratic incumbent Blanche Lincoln, most notably a TV ad featuring Indian actors thanking Halter for sending them American jobs. The TPM Poll Average has Lincoln ahead 45.2%-31.8% in the primary, and the race could potentially go to a runoff due to the presence of a third candidate, businessman D.C. Morrison.

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