Colorful Coleman Spin-Man Withdraws From Courtroom

Ben Ginsberg, the Coleman spokesman/lawyer who has held colorful press conferences attacking the court, the reliability of the election results, and just about everything under the sun that looked bad for Norm Coleman, is no longer seeking to actually work for Norm in the courtroom.

Ginsberg, who was on George W. Bush’s legal team during the Florida recount in 2000, has been holding his daily press conferences since the beginning of this trial, billing himself as a Coleman attorney. But it was only last week that he filed his motion for admission pro hac vice — the filing that an out-of-state lawyer is supposed to make in order to appear before a local court.

Just today, Team Coleman submitted this motion to withdraw the request, which hadn’t yet been granted: “Mr. Ginsberg will not participate in the trial and no longer seeks the court’s permission to do so.”

The real question now is whether Ginsberg will still continue to hold his amazing press conferences — for example, yesterday he made a now-debunked charge that a heavily Dem county had illegally included 300 bad absentee ballots — or whether he’s now out of this case completely. We could find out tonight.