Colbert: U.S. Troops Don’t Sacrifice Enough Already

No one appreciates American veterans’ sacrifice more than Stephen Colbert. But why should Colbert keep honoring the troops if they’re not still sacrificing when they come home?

That was the subject of Colbert’s “The Word” segment on Thursday. Leaders of the House and Senate veterans’ affairs committees sent a letter to the deficit super committee, voicing support for capping veterans’ affairs funding.“With this letter, Congress is sending our troops a clear message: that we can take for granted that service members are willing to give up more than the rest of us,” Colbert said.

America’s wealthiest certainly can’t be the ones to sacrifice, Colbert said. “We’re not used to it,” he said. “I have never given up anything in my life.”

If the troops could just accept fewer health benefits, Colbert said they would surely deserve a medal for their sacrifice. Well, maybe not a medal — brass is expensive — but a sticker at least!

Watch the video: