Colbert To Tom Perriello: Is Running On The Democrats’ Record ‘A Cry For Help’? (VIDEO)

Jillian Rayfield

Stephen Colbert talked to Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) last night about his tough re-election campaign, and called him “a rare breed” of Democrat because “you’re actually campaigning on the Democrats’ record. Why are you trying to hurt yourself like this? Is it a cry for help?”

Colbert had pointed out earlier in the show that most Democrats are running away from President Obama and the Democratic Party’s record. “Last time I saw that many people run away from their party was when I called the cops on some high school kids,” Colbert said.

Perriello, Colbert said, is one Democrat “who has the guts to stand by what the Democrats have achieved,” but is having a tough time in the campaign as a result. So Colbert asked him why he’s been “throwing around these esoteric concepts like education and jobs. Why not run on a universal message: Muslims freak me out.”Watch:

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