Colbert: The Economy Is Not Getting ‘More Better Any Faster’

America’s greatest days are still ahead, Stephen Colbert said on Thursday. That’s why, every so often, he likes to remind viewers that they are not. “Otherwise Barack Obama might get credit for it.”So imagine Colbert’s surprise when he turned on Fox News and faced his worst fear: good news. Weekly jobless claims fell last week to a four-year low, Fox News cheered.

“I thought we were friends,” Colbert said. “A lot of us are working very hard to remind America that (Obama) is destroying our country. But then you and ‘Happy Hemmer’ come along with your pretty green arrow and take a big sunshine dump on our rain parade.” So for a gloomier perspective, Colbert turned to Fox analyst Stuart Varney.

“Things are getting better, but they’re not getting more better any faster,” Colbert reminded viewers, “just the same amount of better, which is worse.”

Watch the video:

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