Colbert: Only Words As Terrifying To GOP As Grover Norquist Are ‘Buenos Días’

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday took at a look at the so-called fiscal cliff, the end-of-the-year combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will occur if Congress doesn’t strike a deal.

“Obama’s answer to this budget crisis is to raise taxes on the wealthy just because he ran on the ‘promise’ and ‘won the election.’ It’s like he’s totally disregarding my ‘dismissive finger finger quotes,'” Colbert said.What’s really scary, Colbert added, is that Republicans might let the President do just that, even though most congressional Republicans have signed Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge.

That name is the “two most terrifying words a Republican can hear other than ‘buenos días,'” Colbert said.

Watch the video:

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The Fiscal Cliff Compromise
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