Colbert On Christine O’Donnell: Nothing Makes You Want To ‘Do It’ Less Than Debating Biden (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert was ready last night for the campaign season to kick into high gear now that Labor Day has passed. It’s “time to put away the white pants,” he said, “and dust off the white politicians.”

Like Christine O’Donnell, a Republican primary candidate in Delaware, who has some rather old-fashioned views on sex. O’Donnell lost to Joe Biden in 2008, which Colbert said “[proves] once again that nothing makes you want to ‘do it’ less than debating Joe Biden.”

He then showed an encore presentation of his “award flavored” interview with Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), who refused to make cockfighting the official sport of his state. “I am going to cockblock Delaware,” Castle said.Watch:

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