Colbert: Egypt Needs Mubarak Back

More than a year after the Arab Spring forced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down, Egypt still doesn’t have a new president. The country’s Presidential Election Commission has delayed the election’s official results. “Nobody knows who’s in charge,” Colbert said on Thursday. “They even checked for babies in baskets on the reeds of the Nile. Nothing.”

Looking at the big picture, Colbert said Egypt needs a strong leader with experience and a bold vision for “beating” his opponents. The clear choice, Colbert said, is Hosni Mubarak. But this week Mubarak was briefly declared “legally dead.” He remains in uncertain condition.“Hosni, your people need you,” Colbert said. “Stay strong, stiff upper lip. Well, stiff everything.”

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Egypt’s Presidential Election & Hosni Mubarak’s Health
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