Clinton: ‘Are The Polls Right? Yes, No And Maybe’

Bill Clinton told Democrats at an appearance in Northern Virginia this afternoon that victory for Creigh Deeds depended on how much they’re “willing to step into the breach” and overcome their nominee’s lagging poll numbers. Flanked by Deeds and Terry McAuliffe, the man he fought hard for in the Democratic primary, Clinton mused on Deeds’ come-come-from-behind victory in the contest.

“I learned two things in the primary The first is never underestimate this man,” he said of Deeds. “The second is polls are both accurate and they’re not.”“So are the polls right?” he told the audience gathered in McLean. “The answer is yes, no and maybe.”

“Yes, the polls are an accurate measurement of the voter groups that they talk to in proportion to each other,” Clinton said. “The no answer is, that’s not a profile of the people who voted in the primary…or in the general election in 2008.”

“The maybe is you,” he told the crowd. “The maybe is what you do in the next two weeks, and whether you’re prepared to step into the breach.”

Here’s a video of the rally from a liberal blogger in attendance: