Civil Liberties Group Questions Obama’s Outreach to Christian Right

The Family Research Council (FRC) and Concerned Women of America (CWA): You know them well as some of the most vocal right-wing groups in the nation, the types that push against President Obama’s agenda as hard as they can, from his nominees to his executive orders.

And guess where the two groups are headed today … to the White House, to meet with Obama’s director of faith-based initiatives about finding common ground on religious-related issues.People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch, which tracks conservative evangelicals’ push to influence the social agenda, is not amused:

If the Obama administration thinks that it is going to win support for anything that it does on this issue from groups like CWA and FRC, it is sorely mistaken … which is something they will presumably learn once this meeting takes place.

These are not moderate, open-minded groups looking for common ground – they are militant, anti-choice groups committed to, above all, making abortion illegal everywhere and for everyone, with no exceptions.

It is hard to understand what the administration expects to gain by meeting with such groups to discuss efforts to reduce abortion considering that the only option such groups support is to outlaw them entirely.