Christine O’Donnell’s New Attack On Coons: Meet ‘Rubber Stamp Man’ (VIDEO)

Republican Christine O’Donnell’s latest attack video in the Delaware Senate race uses a cute kid in a Halloween costume to rip Democrat Chris Coons. It also compares President Obama to God.

And that’s before you get to the clip from Maddow.

A sequel to the Republican O’Donnell’s movie preview-themed web ad from two weeks ago, the new ad casts the Democrat Coons as a “superhero” whose power is rubberstamping the Democratic agenda. To make her point, O’Donnell uses grainy tracker footage and a clip from a Coons’ interview with Rachel Maddow in which Coons says he supports the president and would vote in favor of keeping Harry Reid as the Democratic leader in the Senate if the two of them make it to Washington.

Like O’Donnell’s last web ad, the message in the new spot is aimed right at the Republican base vote in Delaware. The last video called Coons “The Tax Man,” the sort of tax-raising zombie all Republicans fear. The new video not only says Coons will be the White House’s man in the Senate, but also makes a less-than-subtle reference to Republican claims of arrogance on the part of the Obama administration that has been a key part of tea party messaging.

“Growing up, Chris Coons wanted to be a superhero with with powers granted by a supreme being,” the movie preview voice over says.

“Now, he gets that chance,” the narrator continues, as an image of Obama and Vice President Biden stumping for Coons.Watch:

The TPM Poll Average shows Coons ahead 55.5-37.2