Christian Publisher Planning Palin Biography … For Kids

See Sarah. See Sarah run. Run Sarah run.In September, the Christian book publisher Zondervan will release “Speaking Up: The Sarah Palin Story,” an unauthorized biography of Sarah Palin aimed at children. The book’s promotional cover reads: “The story of a girl from Alaska who grew up to run for the White House.”

According to the company’s website the book will cover Palin’s life “from her humble beginnings in Wasilla, Alaska, to the historic 2008 election and beyond.”

Palin’s inspiring story of courage in the face of adversity and faith that overcame difficulties is told with honesty and insight. Kids ages 9-12 will learn why this engaging figure has become one of the most recognized faces in American politics today.

The book’s author, Kim Washburn, worked for Focus on the Family’s marketing and publicity teams, and was an associate editor of Clubhouse Jr., the group’s children’s magazine.