Cain: If I Get 5th Place In New Hampshire, ‘We Will Be Ecstatic’ (VIDEO)

Herman Cain came in fifth place in the Iowa straw poll — two positions back from third-place finisher Tim Pawlenty, who then quit the race. But not only is he sticking with it, Cain said during an appearance Monday morning on Fox News that he is excited about fifth place.

“Before I let you go, what’s your next marker?” asked host Martha MacCallum. “You know, in terms of you looking forward, at what point do you decide, ‘I’m in or out based on this date, or this victory, or this place?'”

“I will finish at number five in Iowa – that’s right where we want to be.,” said Cain. “If we finish in the top five in New Hampshire, Martha, we will be ecstatic, because we’re gonna put the same type of on the ground effort in New Hampshire that we did in Iowa, and we’re also working South Carolina simultaneously.

“All right,” MacCallum responded, “a determined Herman Cain.”

(Via The Hill.)