CA GOP Dubs Self ‘Party Of Yes’, Then Calls For Vote Of ‘No’

The California Republican Party, dubbed the “Party of No” for years by Democratic lawmakers, sought to rebrand its image at a Thursday press conference in Sacramento by calling themselves the “Party of Yes.”

“So often, we have to rely on others to say what we believe and who we are and what we think,” Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway said, reports Southern California Public Radio. “And I always prefer to do that for myself.”

The press conference kicked off a statewide tour ahead of next month’s GOP primary as well as a push to counter a new $9 billion tax initiative, backed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D), which is intended to help close California’s notorious budget deficit. Republican lawmakers appeared before a “Party of Yes” banner (image here) and touted their affirmative support for jobs, fiscal responsibility and tax relief, but then called for a “no” vote on the new tax measure.

“Jerry Brown is turning in his signatures as we speak to make that (top tax rate) the highest rate in the country,” said California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro of the initiative, the Sacramento Bee reports. “We think that’s the wrong way to go.”

To their credit, however, California’s Republicans haven’t always said “no” to everything. Back in February, they turned the tables on Democrats and supported Brown’s 12-point plan to overhaul public pensions — a key Democratic interest.