Buckingham Palace Mum on Chris Christie’s Offer to Babysit Prince Harry

It doesn’t sound like Buckingham Palace will be taking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) up on his offer to watch over Prince Harry during the young royals’ visit to the Garden State. A spokesman for the palace declined to comment when we asked about the comments Christie made about Prince Harry in a local radio interview earlier this week.“We recently announced that Prince Harry will be visiting the United States between 9th-15th May and that on 14th May he will visit New Jersey, to a community hard hit by Hurricane Sandy last year. During the visit, the Prince will see for himself some of the extraordinary work that has gone on since October 2012 to rebuild communities affected,” said Nick Loughran, the assistant press secretary to Prince Harry and his brother William, Duke of Cambridge.

When TPM pressed Loughran about Christie’s statements, he added, “No further comments from me I’m afraid.”

Prince Harry’s last visit to the states ended in controversy after photos leaked showing him naked with a group of friends and female admirers in a Las Vegas, Nev., hotel suite. In the radio interview, Christie assured the audience he would prevent any similar scandalous behavior this time around.

“If you trust me, all will be fine … during his entire trip, I will be with Prince Harry,” Christie said. “The prince has said he apologizes for his conduct back then. Lots of young people make mistakes.”

Loughran also did not respond to our question about whether Prince Harry plans to travel to New Jersey’s top party destination, the Jersey Shore. According to the official itinerary Prince Harry’s visit will also include stops in Colorado, New York City, Connecticut and Washington, D.C., where the prince will attend a reception hosted by the British ambassador and tour an exhibit “on landmine clearance” on Capitol Hill.