Brown Spokesman: ‘He Doesn’t Believe’ That Obama Was Born Out Of Wedlock

Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s campaign is distancing itself from comments he made in 2008, which we reported on over the weekend, in which Brown expressed doubts over whether Barack Obama was born in wedlock – and is declaring that any idea that he might believe otherwise is a lie.

Said Brown spokesman Eric Fehrnstom told Greg Sargent: “He doesn’t believe that. This is more desperate campaigning from Martha Coakley. When she isn’t calling for higher taxes, she’s making things up about Scott Brown.”

For the record, Brown was debating another guest on a regional news show during the 2008 election, when a discussion came up of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Brown pointed out that Obama’s mother had him when she was 18. The other guest said “And married.” Brown then replied, “Well, I don’t know about that,” and chuckled.