Brown: Public Option Or No, I’m Voting For This Health Care Bill

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says he’s in for health care reform, even though his key initiative–the public option–and all of its alternatives, have been swept into the dust bin.

“I’m going to vote for it,” Brown told reporters. “I can’t imagine I wouldn’t. I mean there’s too much at stake. And it’s not at me, it’s not about any senator, it’s not about Lieberman, it’s not about Harry Reid.”

I asked Brown if he’d challenged Lieberman on his opposition to the public option and the buy-in.

“In the meeting with the President, I just made a direct appeal to him…I answered the arguments I’ve heard him make from your reporting: that it’s revenue neutral, that it doesn’t hurt Medicare,” Brown said.

So what of the fact that Lieberman supported the buy-in as recently as three months ago?

“That’s for him and his…that’s for him to figure out.