Boehner Rips Health Care Plan In Statement Sent Mid-Summit

Lauren Victoria Burke/WDCPIX.COM

Surprise! Health care bipartisan ain’t going to happen. House Minority Leader John Boehner is a key participant in today’s bipartisan health care summit, where a degree of decorum is required. But that isn’t stopping him from ripping health care reform in other ways.

“No GOP Reforms Included in Democrats’ Job-Killing Health Care Proposals” reads the headline of a GOP Leader Alert issued moments ago, as members of his own caucus sparred with President Obama over whether and how to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines.

“Despite the President’s rhetoric, Democrats’ job-killing health care proposals do not implement a single major GOP reform that would lower costs for families and small businesses,” Boehner’s statement reads.

Yes, Washington Democrats have recently begun incorporating into their rhetoric a few of the same words Republicans have long used. But when you dig beneath the newly-minted rhetoric and actually look at the text of their bills, it quickly becomes evident that they haven’t actually incorporated any of the major health care reforms Republicans support.

Of course, even if these GOP reforms were incorporated, they would still be attached to legislation that includes job-killing tax hikes, deep cuts to Medicare, massive unfunded mandates on states, unconstitutional mandates on individuals, an “abortion premium” levied on American taxpayers, vast new powers for the federal bureaucracy, and other unacceptable provisions the American people reject.

I’m gonna go way out on a limb and guess that he won’t change his mind in the next hour and a half. You can read the entire statement here.