Blanche Lincoln Touts Herself As One-Woman Party Of No In First 2010 TV Spot (VIDEO)

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

The air wars have begun in the 2010 Arkansas Democratic Senate primary. A day after Lt. Gov. Bill Halter launched his first TV ad of the race, the woman squaring off against him to keep her job, Sen. Blanche Lincoln, went on the air with her own commercial, aimed squarely at Halter’s message.

Lincoln’s ad focuses several of her stances that have drawn the ire of national progressives. She touts her decisions to oppose cap-and-trade, the health care public option and other bills as evidence she stands against the norm in Washington.

“Some in my party didn’t like it very much,” Lincoln says of the votes, “but I approved this message because I don’t answer to my party.”Check out the ad: