Bill Clinton Heading Back To Florida For Kendrick Meek

Rep. Kendrick Meek may not have the smooth path to the Democratic nomination in the Florida Senate race he once did, but at least he still has his friends by his side. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Bill Clinton will make a trip down to Florida on Meek’s behalf in the run up to the August 24 primary, yet another appearance for Meek by the popular former President.

Clinton’s early public support for Meek at the beginning of the cycle was seen as a big help in essentially clearing the early primary field. Clinton has held multiple fundraisers for Meek, who endorsed his wife Hillary in the 2008 presidential contest.

Meek is probably hoping Clinton’s return will help again. Meek was running essentially unopposed for the Democratic nomination until April 30, when wealthy investor Jeff Greene kicked off his own self-funded campaign for the nomination. Greene has spent millions on ads, and is running neck-and-neck with Meek in recent polls. Clinton’s popularity could put Meek back in the lead in the homestretch of the primary.