Beck Rally Attendee: ‘Homosexuals’ and ‘Affirmative Action’ Keep Me From Moving Up (VIDEO)

An unidentified man who said he was a federal worker said that “homosexuals” and “affirmative-action” were keeping him from moving up at his job. The man got into an argument with an African-American man at the site of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on Saturday.

“Why you punishing me for something I didn’t do?” the man said. “Oh, I’m being punished, I’m being held back. I work for the federal government. I have a job, but I can’t move up,” he added.“Why can’t you move up, because of a black man?” the other man asks.

“No, no, a lot of it’s homosexuals,” the federal worker says. “Nepotism, okay, favorite boyfriends and girlfriends, and affirmative action.”

A police officer intervened and the man left.

Watch the video below: