Barbour: New GOP House Majority Will Last

NRCC ELECTION HQ — Haley Barbour told the crowd here to settle in for a nice long run in the Congressional majority after tonight.

“You’re going to have a great number of years in the majority,” he told the crowd of Republicans at this downtown DC hotel. “I don’t know how many years, but it’s going to be more than two — I can tell you that.”

Barbour, the current governor of Mississippi and the chair of the RNC during the GOP’s 1994 electoral sweep, said that tonight’s results are “more important” than the last Republican Revolution. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress “have taken the biggest lurch to the left in in American political history,” he said, and tonight’s Republican victories mean “the American people have given us instructions on how to get back on track.”

Barbour, like all of the speakers here tonight, stressed that this election is just the first of many good days for Republicans still to come.

“Get ready for a big ride,” Barbour said.