Bachmann Joins Sing-Along With Birther Lyric (VIDEO)

Stephen Elliot

Here’s another fun moment from Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) event on Friday with the North Dakota Republican Party: The Congresswoman joined in on a sing-along on the main stage, for a song that contained a Birther-themed lyric.

The event (for which we posted a general write-up yesterday) included entertainment by a country music cover group, the Johnny Holm Band. After the political speeches and comments from attendees were finished, the lights went out and the crowd got to enjoy a nice party, in the non-political sense of the term. Before the festivities really got rolling, however, Johnny Holm led the crowd in a sing-along to the tune of “The Battle of New Orleans, ” with altered lyrics that he’d learned recently while traveling. He first taught the crowd the words.

The opening line: “In 1961, Obama came along / Born in Honolulu — ‘course I couldda got it wrong.” Bachmann can be seen joining the musicians on stage, but it’s unclear whether she sang that specific line (the audio on the stream cuts out at various points, including here), though she can be heard singing at least part of the song. And it’s clear that she got on stage even after that lyric was out in the open.Johnny Holm can be seen teaching the lyrics to the crowd, starting at the 21:10 mark. The sing-along begins a few minutes later, with Bachmann on stage: