Bachmann Gets Asked: ‘As President, Would You Be Submissive To Your Husband?’

Debate host Byron York asked Michele Bachmann about her past quotes that she became a tax lawyer at her husband’s insistence, citing Biblical passages that a wife should be “submissive” to her husband.

“As president, would you be submissive to your husband?” York asked — prompting vociferous booing from the audience.

“Thank you for that question, Byron,” Bachmann responded, to applause. “Marcus and I will be married for 33 years this September 10th. I’m in love with him, I’m so proud of him. And what submission means to us — if that’s what your question is — is respect. I respect my husband…and he respects me as his wife. that’s how operate our marriage. We respect each other, we love each other.”

Bachmann then added that together, she and her husband had built a business, raised their children, and raised 23 foster children. “I’m very proud of him.”