Anti-Grayson Fundraising Going Slow For GOP?

Let this be an object lesson that if you want to mobilize against somebody, having a real opponent for them to face is a good thing.

In the wake of Rep. Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) attacks against the Republicans, money began flowing in from liberals who appreciated his no-holds-barred tirades against the opposition. The Republicans, however, didn’t have a candidate yet, but instead set up a special fund to benefit the eventual nominee.

As of Friday, Grayson’s campaign Grayson’s campaign had amassed over $125,000. The campaign has not returned our further requests for latest numbers, but as of right now his ActBlue page alone is at over $132,000.

By comparison, when we asked NRCC spokesman John Randall for comment about their special anti-Grayson fund, which will benefit the eventual nominee, we got a rather low-key response: “Money is not going to determine the outcome of this race. There is a reason that even without a clear opponent Grayson’s seat was moved to toss-up after his outrageous and distasteful outburst.” That said, things should probably get better for them once they have a real challenger.