Anti-Abortion Extremist, Hot Wings Fan, Compares Tiller’s Murder To Slave Rebellion

Remember when I posted footage of anti-abortion activist Randall Terry from the National Press Club? Where he said that murdered abortion provider George Tiller had reaped what he sowed–and then invited members of the media out for hot wings and Guinness?

Well, now he’s given those who missed out a second chance . Terry will host another press conference tomorrow, also at the National Press Club, to make the case that “Tiller’s death and office closing can help propel pro-life movement, derail Sotomayor and overturn Roe.”

Before that, though, he’ll serve members of the press…hot wings. And Guinness.

The event was scheduled before today‘s act of murder by a right wing extremist–and before Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) condemned the politicization of this sort of tragedy. But it’s still on the Press Club calendar.