Angle: Sharia Taking Hold In The United States

Sharron Angle is now getting on board the latest Republican bandwagon, warning that sharia — the term for Muslim religious law, which the American right has conflated to refer to its branches within Muslim extremism — is taking over parts of the United States.

The Mesquite Local News reports on a Republican rally that Angle attended on Wednesday, where she took questions from GOP supporters:

One of the last questioners asked about “Muslims taking over the U.S.,” including a question about Angle’s stance on the proposed mosque near Ground Zero in New York.

“We’re talking about a militant terrorist situation, which I believe isn’t a widespread thing, but it is enough that we need to address, and we have been addressing it,” Angle said.

“Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under Constitutional law. Not Sharia law. And I don’t know how that happened in the United States. It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States.”

It’s quite interesting that Angle is warning against a system of religious law taking control of the United States — she has herself alleged that the Democrats’ policies violate the First Commandment to acknowledge God as supreme.To her credit, Angle also got in a decent off-the-cuff joke earlier in the town hall — about certain politicians who might write down notes on their hands:

As part of the next question, an Angle supporter thanked her for “talking without a TelePrompter,” an obvious dig at President Obama’s use of the video device during speeches.

Angle laughed.

“No notes on my hand, either,” Angle joked while holding up her open palms, a humorous reference to the brouhaha raised earlier this year when Republican Sarah Palin was caught using notes written on her hand during a speech.

The TPM Poll Average of the Nevada Senate race currently puts Harry Reid ahead by 47.7%-45.2%.

Read about the origins of the right-wing meme about Sharia here.

(Via David Corn.)