Angle: I’m Not An Oath Keeper, But I Do Like Keeping Oaths (AUDIO)

Douglas Graham

Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle took to the conservative airwaves today to defend herself from Democratic attacks that she’s on the far extreme end of the conservative spectrum. Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Show, Angle said she was not a member of the Oath Keepers, the shadowy government conspiracy-fearing group she professed to being a member of in the past. But she did admit she liked to keep oaths in her free time.

“I’m not a member of the Oath Keepers,” she said. “However I do keep my oath of office to protect, defend and support the Constitution. And I’ve voted against unconstitutional bills in our legislature — sometimes I’m the only one!”

Angle told me in April that she was a member of the Oath Keepers. On the day she won the GOP nomination in Nevada, her husband — speaking on behalf of the campaign — said he didn’t remember if she was an official member, but said that she endorses what the group stands for. The leader of the Oath Keepers told our very own Justin Elliott that Angle had requested to speak to the group (but he said he didn’t know if she was a full-fledged member).Despite her recent history with the group, confirmed by her campaign and the leader of the Oath Keepers himself, Angle says discussions of her connection to the organization are just part of the left’s propensity to “really blow things up to where you can’t even recognize truth anymore.”

Angle’s campaign did not return my calls today asking for clarification on Angle’s membership with the Oath Keepers after the Ingraham interview.

Here’s Angle talking about the Oath Keepers on Ingraham’s show:

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