Angle Bashes $20B BP Oil Spill Damages Account As ‘Slush Fund’

Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee in Nevada against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has now taken a very politically curious step — opposing the $20 billion escrow fund that BP negotiated with the Obama administration, calling it a “slush fund.”

Greg Sargent reports that Angle appeared on a local radio show, where a caller bashed the escrow fund as “extortion” and a “slush fund.” Angle then agreed: “Government shouldn’t be doing that to a private company. And I think you named it clearly: It’s a slush fund.” She further added: “They’re actually using this crisis if you will, because they never waste one — Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals — they are using this crisis now to get in cap and trade, and every crime and penalty, and slush fund.” Click here to listen to the audio.

This puts Angle in the company of Republicans like Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, who apologized to BP for the creation of the fund — and in his case, Barton was forced by the GOP leadership to retract his statements.

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 46.0%-40.8%.