Angle Ad: ‘I’d Like To Save Social Security’ (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle has a new ad in the Nevada Senate race, clearly seeking to fight back attacks that she wants to destroy Social Security. In a sign of how hard she’s working to reassure general election voters, Angle now says she’ll protect the program.

“The real Social Security solutions are to stop Harry Reid from raiding the Social Security trust fund. He needs that money for his own pet projects,” Angle says in the ad. “We have a contract with our seniors, who have put into Social Security in good faith. I’d like to save Social Security by locking the lockbox, putting the money back into the trust fund, so the government can no longer raid our retirements.”

Angle has been hammered for previous statements that she would get rid of Social Security — an accusation she has strongly denied. The problem is, the original video from a primary debate clearly shows Angle saying, “We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out in favor of something privatized.” She also added: “I’m saying it [Social Security] can’t be fixed, it’s broken.” Since then she has modified her position, saying she would offer an option for people to stay in the program or pursue private investment accounts.

The TPM Poll Average currently gives Harry Reid a lead of 45.1%-42.7%.