2M4M Opponents Speak Out

I just received an email from Christopher Ambler, the creator of this website, created in the wake of new efforts by a group called the National Organization for Marriage to stop the normalization of equal rights for gay people. With his permission, I’m publishing it below the fold

Greetings – I’m the guy being described as the “civil-rights-minded” person who started 2M4M.org

I actually registered the domain the moment I saw this campaign and realized that NOM had done nothing to actually think this through, including securing the most obvious domain for it.

Our goal is to have the content done over the weekend and socialize the domain name starting on Monday. We hope to take some wind out of NOM’s sails and have people thinking that 2M4M.org is the natural place to go for this issue. We’ll then counter NOM’s FUD as best we can.

We considered making a spoof site for fun, but quickly realized that this is an opportunity to actually do some good. That said, we’ll still keep our sense of humor!

Anything you can do to help get the word out would be GREATLY appreciated. We’re all geeks and regular people (read: myself and friends helping with this) and have zero media experience.