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Sanders Takes National Lead Over Clinton For First Time In Major Poll

AP Photo / Jae C. Hong

This is the first major poll to suggest that he has taken the lead over the longtime frontrunner who came into the 2016 cycle as the presumptive nominee. Sanders has enjoyed a surge in support that has lasted for at least a month, as he won the New Hampshire primary and narrowly lost to Clinton in Iowa.

No other polling has shown Sanders leading in nationwide support, and most has shown Clinton retaining a significant lead over Sanders, albeit a narrower one than she enjoyed a month ago. TPM’s PollTracker Average shows Clinton at 49 percent and Sanders at 42.1 percent.

The Fox News poll was carried out Feb. 15-17 by live telephone interview. Pollsters surveyed 429 respondents, with a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.

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Conor Dinan grew up in Falls Church, VA, and Paris. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Oxford University, and contributed articles to the student paper Cherwell and The Isis magazine. He is currently the polling intern at TPM.