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There’s been an amazing backlash against the new law in Indiana, signed by Gov. Mike Pence, that appears to give business owners broad rights to discriminate against LGBT people by citing “religious freedom.” The backlash is so rampant that Pence has already started dodging and weaving and pretending that this bill has nothing to do with gay people, even though, when he signed it, he made sure to surround himself with anti-gay activists so you know that’s exactly what this is all about.

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WASHINGTON — Can a lesser-known upstart really defeat a titan of Democratic politics like Hillary Clinton?

The answer, of course, is yes. In 2008 his name was Barack Obama.

But Martin O'Malley is no Barack Obama, and such a comparison suffers from several key limitations that illustrate how much steeper a hill O'Malley has to climb than the first-term Illinois senator did six years ago. His odds may depend more on Clinton imploding rather than replicating the Obama formula of gradually chipping away at her lead to victory.

Here are four reasons O'Malley isn't shaping up to be the Obama of 2016.

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