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Bloomberg Politics' "With All Due Respect" won the morning Thursday with a boffo focus group of New Hampshire Trump supporters singing The Donald's praises as a "classy" commander-in-chief in waiting who is definitely "one of us" despite being worth billions of dollars. But one of the voters featured Wednesday night in the focus group told TPM that she's not a Trump supporter at all. And the same went for most of the other participants in the panel, according to the voter.

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With the Maine Supreme Court set to hold oral arguments Friday on whether Gov. Paul LePage (R) botched some 65 vetoes, the governor is making a new legal argument that -- if adopted by the court -- could send Maine into chaos.

Legislators are arguing that LePage missed the deadlines in early July to veto the bills in question and thus, the legislation was already law when LePage did finally returned the vetoes days later. LePage says the legislators had taken the type of formal adjournment that under the state Constitution would allow him to wait until the next time they reconvened to return the vetoes. Lawmakers say it was not an adjournment but an informal break that would have kept the clock ticking. History and custom is on the legislators' side, but the governor has asked for the court to settle the argument.

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Few recent news stories have united Americans in outrage and anger as fully as the revelations about Minnesota dentist Walt Palmer’s illegal poaching and killing of famed African lion Cecil. From Jimmy Kimmel’s heartfelt monologue to the impromptu, growing collection of stuffed animals piled in protest outside Palmer’s office, from Facebook petitions arguing for Palmer’s extradition to Zimbabwe to the voluminous quantity of negative Yelp reviews of his dental practice, critiques of Palmer’s actions have come from all corners of our culture and society. In an era when we can’t seem to agree on anything, there seems to be widespread consensus that Palmer did something deeply wrong.

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Conservative websites Breitbart and The Federalist are claiming that a reported cyber-attack of the Planned Parenthood website is in fact a "PR stunt" staged by the organization and the communications firm it has hired.


The Federalist declares: "Planned Parenthood 'Hacking' Sure Looks Like An Orchestrated PR Stunt"

The Federalist has the more skeptical of the two takes.

"Planned Parenthood says it’s been hacked by 'extremists,' but a review of the publicly available evidence suggests that the only things being hacked at Planned Parenthood right now are perfectly healthy and viable unborn babies."

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After about a year of criticism from conservatives targeting the College Board's "revisionist" course framework for the advanced placement U.S. history exam, the company on Thursday released new revisions to the course standards to address certain complaints.

The College Board described the new standards in a Thursday statement as "a clearer and more balanced approach to the teaching of American history." After constant concern from critics over the AP U.S. History standards, the College Board said it took public feedback into account when drafting this latest revision. The College Board attempted to address those concerns by making statements in the standards "clearer and more historically precise, and less open to misinterpretation or perceptions of imbalance," according to the statement.

In addition to attempting to address broad concerns about imbalance, the College Board also added a few terms that critics complained were lacking from the new framework, such as the names of some Founding Fathers. And the company eliminated some controversial words and softened the tone of the framework, according to Jon Butler, historian who consulted for College Board as they revised the framework in 2015.

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