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In one of the most charming political ads of the election cycle, the wife of a Texas county commissioner begs viewers to re-elect her issues-obsessed husband and get him out of the house.

The ad features Republican Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty rambling on about local issues while his wife sardonically notes that Daugherty can't stop thinking about his work. Since the ad was released earlier this month, it went viral and gained national media attention.

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During a keynote address Wednesday at the U.S. Chamber Institute's Legal Reform Summit, Mitt Romney made a series of subtle jabs at the Republican nominee on his business platform, in front of a friendly audience used to Republican business orthodoxy.

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During a campaign rally in Lake Worth, Florida, on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton hammered Donald Trump's refusal to say he will accept the results of the November election, arguing that he is undermining democratic values in the United States.

Clinton called Trump's failure to commit to accepting election results "horrifying," and questioned whether Trump has read the U.S. Constitution.

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