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New Jersey Democrats Square Off Over Alleged Voter Fraud Effort


Pascrell called the effort "the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in politics" when he went to vote Tuesday morning. His campaign manager, Justin Myers, said the effort "rings eerily similar to Republican efforts across the country to impede people's rights to vote."

"To deny people the right to vote, to manufacture a reason why votes are not counted, it's worse than Jim Crow," Pascrell said.

Rothman sought to impound the ballots after 680 postcards mailed to people who registered to vote in Passaic County (were Pascrell was running registration drives) were returned as undeliverable.

"People aren't there. This raises serious questions about potential voter fraud by the Pascrell campaign," said Rothman spokesman Paul Swibinski.

An internal poll showed Rothman and Pascrell in a dead heat.