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Court-Martialed Birther Army Doc Supporters: If Only Obama Had Released The Birth Certificate a Year Ago!


Lakin was court-martialed and sentenced to six months in a military prison in December, after refusing his orders on the grounds that President Obama may not have been eligible to be Commander-In-Chief. He was also discharged from the Army.

With the release of this birth certificate today, it seems Lakin's defense fund sees an opportunity. "The Terry Lakin Action fund is relieved that Barack Obama has begun the resolution of this longstanding and important Constitutional issue," the statement said.

Had the Obama administration agreed to allow the document unveiled today and other related documents as requested for discovery in Terry Lakin's first pre-trial hearing, the matter would have been resolved and soldiers assured their military orders were lawful, given by a lawful Commander-in-Chief.

A good soldier, having played his part in this issue, would have returned enthusiastically to the service for which he is so ably trained.

Though, the statement also calls for the document to be "submitted for forensics testing to determine its authenticity." It continues, "similarly, the Kenyan birth certificate that has been widely circulating on the internet and on Capitol Hill-- should be tested."